Why veterinarians & pet owners don’t see eye to eye.

Being a pet owner takes more than just loving your buddy, educating yourself about it’s health and well-being is very important.  When you need something big done you generally seek several opinions or estimates before making your decision – why is it that when it comes to our pets so many take whatever 1 vet says as gold?  Yes we need to have trust in our vet but we also need to be educated and ask questions and even seek opinions from other sometimes. Dogs lived pre-kibble and in many cases lived longer… they ate “clean” if you will or as they were designed to.  You don’t see coyotes, foxes, eagles etc shopping at KibbleToGo – nope they eat what they hunt/find.  If you feed kibble you can improve it with a few easy steps … remember we want to get the best out of our best friends so we have to learn what IS BEST for them.

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