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Dear Chris,

We are writing to thank you for transforming Hagrid, our Great Pyreness/Newfoundland mix.  We really weren’t prepared for the Pyr personality (and really hoped Hagrid would be more Newf).  He has always been a sweet dog, but, as you know, he has a mind of his own (and the bulk to get his own way).  Before we found you, at less than a year-old, Hagrid was making life with our four kids extremely challenging and, as Kim would say frequently, had at least two paws out the door.

We couldn’t trust him in the house with the kids because he would jump on them and nip them; he was in incorrigible “counter-surfer” grabbing any available food, even with us right in the room.  On walks he would bark ferociously and nearly pull our arms off whenever he saw another dog or a squirrel.  And when he was in the backyard he barked almost constantly.  All of this was after sending him to another trainer for a week and working with him ourselves.  Exercise was not the problem, because I had taken to walking him at least 3-4 miles a day in addition to letting him run in the back yard.

When we sent him with you for a board and train and were frankly skeptical that anyone could get Hagrid under control.  We read the updates on your blog during the week with growing optimism (and the kids loved the photos).  When you met us at our house after that week and demonstrated park-it and place, we watched in amazement as this formerly out-of-control dog calmly waited as we walked away and around him.  Taking him on a walk was a pleasure.  He stayed close by our side without pulling, and when we encountered dogs, we didn’t have to cross the street and could control him completely.  In the house he now goes on his park-it rug whenever guests come over or we just need him out from underfoot.  I can’t say he never sneaks something off the counters any more, but he knows to wait until we are far away and even then, it’s only if we leave something irresistible.  Best of all we now have complete control over him off-lead.  We take him to the beach and let him run and splash in the lake with complete confidence that he will come back when we call even if he’s busy chasing after a duck!

In short, he is a pleasure to have around–all thanks to you.  I seriously doubt we could have kept him, without your help.

-Brian and Kim

I recently had Chris at Complete Obedience train Boris, my French Mastiff. Before his training, he would get on the dining room table and nip at my hands when I walked in the door. When friends and family came over he would jump on the furniture to sit, lay on and paw them. He had no manners and couldn’t focus to learn basic commands. After two weeks of training with Chris he came home a new improved Boris. I couldn’t be happier. Boris was obedient with all commands sit,off, heel, down, and best of all was “park it” When people came to the door I would put him in “park it” position and he STAYED! No more yelling and pulling to get him down.
Thank you, Chris for all your hard work! We are pleased with the results and have plans to send you our other two French Mastiff. Job Well Done!!

-Kim and Frank

My name is Dianne, I am a foster Mom for a couple of different rescue groups. My last foster was a dog we rescued from a high kill dog pound. He was a mix of two breeds known for their stubborn will. He was a dog who had little to no training as a pup, now as a one year old he was very hard to live with. He obeyed very little commands, and for the most part did as he pleased, even if you were not pleased with his behavior. Knowing that if his behavior did not change he had very little chance of being adopted and staying in his new home, we began asking if anyone knew of a dog trainer who could possibly turn this dog into an adoptable dog. That is how we found Chris. Chris took our foster dog and gave him intensive one on one training in basic obedience commands. When he was returned to us, we could not believe the difference in the dog. He was obedient, confident and well behaved. What was the best change was the fact that the dog was happy, he was happy to know someone else was in charge, he could relax and just be a dog. Chris taught us the commands and hand signals so we could reinforce the training. Shortly after he was adopted and has made his new owners lives very happy. Thank you Chris for all you have done to help us and our foster dog.


Hi Chris,

We would like to Thank You for the time you took with our little guy Wally. He is such a good dog and no doubt he is that way due to you working with him. He gets better as each day goes by. Your instructions are clear and he does very well with them.

Your compassion for the well being of dogs is outstanding. We also appreciate the time you spent here at our home to help us with Wally’s training. We could see your dedication in helping Wally.

I would recommend your service to anyone that needs some help with their dog or dogs.

– Dave & Claudia


I wanted to let you know how well Lucy is doing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated all the hard work you put into her training. Walking her is a “wonderful” pleasure for her and also for me. Everyone comments on how well behaved she is. I can’t believe that after 5 days of training she would be this well-trained. You did a GREAT job! She always seemed so confused and now she knows her place and is loving life!

Thank you again!

– Marilyn & Greg

So Proud of my Harley. I took him to the Vet yesterday for his monthly weigh in and he was the best behaved dog in the place. I was actually able to put him “place” mode on the big bed in the waiting room leave him there unattended and go to the counter and pay without him moving an inch. All the girls at the Vet were very impressed that a 10 month dog was that well behaved. Thanks to Complete Obedience Dog Training and Chris Myers for all her wonderful help and training of my baby boy.

– Sherrie S.

Ok, some people are going to have opinions about this but honestly, I don’t care.

Odin and I went through E-Collar training this evening with Chris Myers at Complete Obedience Dog Training. I honestly think the methodology is much easier to work with after working with a prong collar for about 8 months. Odin did fantastic on it and is so tired from working hard. I’m very proud of him. It’s going to take me a bit to get used to working with it and start getting the basics+ down.

Call it what you will but when used correctly it’s a humane and worthwhile tool and NOT what people think. It can be dangerous if used incorrectly, that cannot be denied. This is why I waited to work with a trainer who knows what they’re doing instead of thinking I can do it on my own. I was not going to ruin my dog who I’ve spent almost a year working with by just throwing that collar on and not knowing what I’m doing.

In case anyone is interested I got a Dogtra 1900NCP.

Thanks Chris for working with us. I really think this will help both of us expand our ability to get out and be active.

– Andy G.

I had my first class today at complete obedience training! Wow! Chris is amazing! I have a 1 1/2 yr old doberman that has been with me for 3 months. Prior owners did not do much training. One class and what a difference. With the right tools anything is possible. Kya no longer pulls while walking. I can finally take her on a walk! I can’t wait to see what can be done in the remaining 4 weeks! Again, thank you so much Chris!!

Update: Chris, I can’t thank you enough for my first training class with kya! She has been doing great! U are a godsend! Thank you again!
Update: So Kya’s 5 week training classes are now over. What a difference! She’s still a work in progress however she has come a LONG way! So glad I chose complete obedience training! Looking forward to fun with fido classes! Thanks again chris for all your knowledge!

I have had dogs all my life and recently we adopted a Cane Corso named Odin. The shelter had said he was great with kids dogs and cats. He’s fantastic with all the above with the exception of cats. We have a cat and I was second guessing him as an edition to our family. I called Chris the day we bought him home and she came right over and evaluated him and said its fixable. Without her help I would have taken him back. We have had him trained in the K9-5 class and we could not be happier with his progress. He is getting better everyday. I would recommend her training to every single person I meet and I have. Aside from training she offers awesome play/socialization classes and Odin couldn’t be HAPPIER when he’s there playing with his friends. I appreciate all that Complete Obedience has done for us and will do with our future pets.

– Jeanne K.


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