Consultation/Puppy Training

Consultation/Puppy Training Pricing
It is up to you to take the first steps towards helping your puppy develop and grow in the right direction. There is critical imprinting which needs to be established in a puppy’s early stages of life for a happy, well-adjusted adult dog.
When to Begin
It is crucial that you begin an educational program with your puppy at an early age. Between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks, dogs begin to form attitudes and opinions that will last a lifetime. Puppies should begin preschool as close to eight weeks of age as possible, yet no later than 14 weeks of age. This early start is important in preventing future behavioral problems.
Your puppy cannot become the ideal of “Pet” without your guidance and an understanding of his nature and his needs. Your puppy wants to please you, he simply does not know how. Allow us to assist you in understanding your dog and in getting the most out of your lives together.
The key to the perfect family dog is proper socialization. During your weekly sessions you will learn how to begin the process that is critical to the positive social development of your puppy. While attending our program your puppy will come in contact with people of various ages, races, and sizes; from infants in strollers to uniformed public servants. We encourage and monitor handling exercises where your pet is exposed to new people in a gentle, positive manner.
Proper socialization during this short window of opportunity will guide your puppy’s development while he gains a clear understanding of appropriate behavior.
Confidence Building
At puppy preschool you will also learn confidence-building techniques to help your pet attain positive experiences in new situations. Using proper skills, we will help your puppy overcome most of his unreasonable fears in our environment. For many dogs, items such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, lawn mowers, and umbrellas are new experiences that, if introduced improperly, may lead to permanent fears or even aggression towards people.
Basic Problem Solving
Our staff will assist you in solving many types of behavior problems. You will receive useful information on housebreaking, chewing, and play-biting, which can lead to unwanted aggression. You will learn how to teach your puppy to sit and walk on a leash.
Through planning and careful attention to each puppy as an individual, we can help you learn how to guide your pet’s development in order to prevent problem behaviors.
Owner Educational Topics
We will discuss a variety of owner-education topics each week that will help you raise a happier, healthier pet. During these discussions you will learn the basics in dog care, including poison control, nail trimming, ear cleaning, general grooming, and flea control.
Consultation/Puppy Training Pricing
The puppy training/consultation is $300, it is for dogs 16 weeks and younger, they usually last 2 hours). We will stay in touch after that consultation by phone or email to make sure things are going well. Follow up visits (if desired) are typicalIy an hour long, and are $125. Some clients like follow up visits just to thoroughly address all issues (for example, the first visit is usually at the owner’s home, the next visit might be at the dog park or somewhere else where behavior problems show up). There can be a travel fee for consultations/lessons that are not within 25 miles of Complete Obedience Dog Training; I will tell you if that is required once I know the location of the consultation.

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