At Complete Obedience Dog Training we offer the following programs:
  • Private Lessons  $100-150/Session

One on one private lessons are available, the number of lessons needed will be determined by owner’s goals, the dog, and the time/energy invested. CODT will work with your dog and teach you the skills required to make a change in your dog. A strong commitment to practice several times a day is necessary for private lessons to be effective.

  • K9-5 (Day School Training)  $625/program

This is a flexible way to have your dog trained.  You drop off the dog each morning and we will conduct training sessions throughout the day.  When you pick up your dog at the end of the day, you’ll receive a mini lesson for homework.  This homework is how we transfer the leadership and skills to you as your dog learns new skills at their pace.  We will work on basic or advanced skills contingent on your dog’s demonstrated skills and owner’s goals.  The average is about a 3-5 day program.

  • Basic Obedience Group Class  $200/5 weeks 

Limited to small class size for maximum results – this is a great way to have fun with your dog while learning how to change his/her behavior. Owner learn solid training techniques while dogs learn the basics: beginning Sit, Down, Come, walk on a Loose Leash, Stay and Place. The focus is on building a stronger human-canine bond. Group class is available for dogs 4 months and older. (not ideal for all dogs an evaluation is required)  Check our calendar for up coming classes and events.

  •  Fun With Fido Class  $10/Dog

Activities vary (pack walks, agility for fun, rally-relay, obedience polishing, scent fun and more) this is a great way build confidence, work on obedience and even help with socialization in a non-confrontational setting.
Dog must be pre-approved to participate if they have not attended training with CODT (we may just have you arrive a few minutes before class to assess your pup).

  • Group Socialization  $10/dog

This unique program is comprehensive and uses pack drive in its approach. It includes everything from the initial evaluation to pre-training dogs before they can enter the social area. The class is an advanced socialization process that focuses on the dogs that are typically excluded from doggie day cares and other socialization classes. Because of this, our program offers an opportunity to help dogs that otherwise might not ever be able to run with other dogs. Check our calendar for up coming classes and events.

Are you too short on time to take lessons?

Going on vacation or doing work on your home and need to board your dog?

  • Board and Train Programs ($ pricing depends on length of stay and training provided)

Our Residency Training (Board And Train) is the solution. Prior to training an evaluation must be completed. A questionnaire will be completed to gather important information about your dogs behavior, and prior training and establish personality type. This information helps us set up training that will best fit you and your dog.

Looking for Structure and Balance in your dogs behavior? C.O.D.T can help. Dogs are often confused about their role or status in our family unit, we begin by providing exercise, discipline and then affection in the proper way. We will teach your dog Basic and Advanced Obedience and even Off-Leash capabilities in real world situations.

        • Leash manner
        • Heel with auto sit, sit & down with stay
        • Leave it
        • Waiting at thresholds (doors/entryways)
        • Place command
        • Intro to come
        • Behavioral issues addressed
        • Hand signals and verbal commands
        • Field trips to proof commands with higher distractions

Advanced Obedience (off leash prep)

        • Refresh all basic commands
        • Reliable recall
        • In-motion commands taught
        • Command proofed in higher distraction areas
        • Dog must be 4 months of age


  •  Refresher Training   ($ pricing depends on length of stay and training provided)

Designed as a way to review your dogs obedience in a familiar and comfortable environment instead of leaving your dog at a boarding only facility while you’re on vacation. Limited to dogs who have already completed a residency program at CODT, even year after training. Refresher lessen to review owner’s skill level handling dog.

Benefits of Residency Training/Day Training

An average of 5-7  private lessons are given daily. Dogs receive extensive training from a Professional Trainer. Training by a professional will yield faster, more reliable results. Follow-up lessons are given after the residency to explain the training program, so you have the skills to communicate effectively with your dog.  Dogs are also given time to socialize (play) with other dogs.

Call today to schedule your evaluation 440-652-8016

CODT wants to help you make your home a happy place for both you and your faithful friend.

Frequently Asked Questions About Training

    • When can my dog start training?  
      Basic obedience you can begin at 4 months


    • Are vaccinations required?  
      All dogs must have Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospiroris, Parainfluenza, Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella Also needs proof of heartworm prevention and flea prevention (Please bring photocopies of vaccination record for file)


    • Can my dog have its favorite bed/blanket?  
      Yes. A small crate pad/bed or blanket can actually help him/her feel more at ease.


    • Can I bring toys or bones for him/her?  
      Please limit items to 2, if your dog is a chewer please make sure anything left is durable.


    • What about mealtime?  
      We ask that you please provide their food in a Ziploc bag with their name and amount to be fed per meal on it. Providing the dog with his normal food helps lessen digestive stress making the dogs stay more comfortable.

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