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The number one reason dogs end up in shelters is due to behavior issues -anxiety, barking, jumping up, house breaking problems, etc – it all stems from a lack of leadership and training. Our goal at Complete Obedience Dog Training is to promote Communication / Leadership while improve the bond between you and your dog.  At Complete Obedience we offer a wide variety of dog training services so no matter what stage of training you are in we have something for you and your best friend. Really something for any stage of training you say… yes see here for example:   puppy 101, obedience basics, advanced obedience, freedom dog (off leash), behavior modification, socialization programs, on the go pack walks, tricks classes, fun with fido, dog nose best (scent work) and service dogs including DADs (Diabetic Alert Dogs).

Let us help you see your dog’s full potential Complete Obedience Dog Training is here to help.


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Owner/Head Trainer

Chris Myers has extensive experience with dogs from a variety of sources, including an Apprenticeship with a Master Trainer from National K9 School in Columbus, Ohio, and continuing education with Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog, Martin Deeley of International School for Dog Trainers, Tyler Muto of K9 Connection, Ian Dunbar, to name a few (good leaders never stop learning) .  Unlike many dog trainers, Complete Obedience Dog Training is not franchise, it’s not a part-time hobby or side job, it’s a full-time job!  Complete Obedience Dog Training is more then just a business for Chris, it’s a lifestyle and she would have it no other way.   Chris is not a methods trainer, your dog’s training should be based on its individual personality, past and present behavior, aptitude for learning, breed characteristics, social development, and most importantly, your family’s goals. Not each dog can fit into one method of training and therefore it is important to find a trainer that has the ability to modify your dog’s training based on you and your dog’s needs. Your dog’s training should be designed to teach your dog useful Obedience Commands, Good Manners, and Acceptable Behavior patterns. Your dog’s training would not be complete without you, the owner, learning how to properly handle and effectively communicate with your dog. The principles are a constant, dogs need exercise, leadership and discipline to become balanced and happy. Dogs are more than pets, they are family.

Bella on placeboard

Moe running with ball tug 10.6.12

Roxy holding leash 8.23.16

Bella/Training Assistant

Bella, a Labrador Shepherd mix, came from a local rescue. She is not just my training partner but my best friend, life wouldn’t be complete without her. We humans have our faults and so do dogs. Bella is afraid of thunderstorm and fireworks, developed allergies and has a fearful personality which can be a challenge but as with any training we work on it daily. Bella’s job is to give obedience demonstrations, she does distraction work for other dogs in for training as well as an eager canine buddy when its playtime. I can’t bear to think of her having to face the possible outcome for many shelter dogs not finding a home. Bella’s fear issues can make training complicated but the love she gives us outweighs her flaws.

 Moe/Training Assistant

Moe, a Border Collie, is the 2nd addition to Complete Obedience Dog Training. He was adopted from Buckeye Border Collie Rescue in January of 2010 at 7 months old. Moe was surrendered by a family that didn’t realize how much work a puppy was going to be (especially high energy working breeds). It is imperative you do your research and take your time when deciding if adding a dog to your household is the right choice or not. Thanks to a great organization like Buckeye Border Collie Rescue he got another chance for a wonderful life. Moe loves everyone he meets; he is a one-dog-welcoming-crew as well as being the face of Complete Obedience Dog Training. He does obedience demonstrations, distraction duty and will soon be in training for Goose Patrol. Moe’s outgoing personality won our hearts the moment we saw him, we can’t imagine life without him.

Roxy/Training Assistant

Roxy, a Black Labrador, is the most recent addition (2016) to Complete Obedience Dog Training. She was initially acquired to raise and train for a client to be their service dog, but no fault of her own she didn’t get to be the size that was needed for this particular situation. Moe had become rather smitten with her during her time with us and we became very attached as well. Roxy is a little comedian but she also does great with her training, she puts 100% into any work we do. Foxy Roxy was just meant to be part of our family.


Bella Moe Roxy on chair


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